Quickfire Questions: Craig, Sameday Fleet Liaison Officer

Favourite film? The Great Escape.

Favourite TV show? An Idiot Abroad.

Favourite fictional character? Rocky Balboa.


Do you have a favourite quote?

Being second is being the first of those to lose. - Ayrton Senna

Best song to play while driving?

Vanessa Carlton - 1000 miles. Specifically the scene from White Chicks though!

Favourite place in the world?

Elland Road Stadium of course.


Favourite comfort food?

Hot and Spicy Pringles.

What's your ideal Sunday?

A sunny day with a pool for the kids and a nice BBQ going. A few beers on top of that makes it the perfect Sunday!

Have you got any strange talents?

I can beat anyone at FIFA. If any of our clients fancy a friendly game they know where to find me!

What can't you live without? Football.

If you had to be stuck in a lift with someone, who would it be and why?

Karl Pilkington for the comedy value.


Any annoying habits? I can't sit still and I know that must annoy people sometimes... Even sitting here answering these questions I'm fidgeting.

Proudest moment in your career?

I passed an Accountancy qualification which was a lot of work, so that was pretty rewarding and looking back I am proud of it.

Finally, favourite thing about working at Dynamic?

I love the sense of responsibility that operating the sameday fleet gives. Getting an urgent delivery distributed on time with our incredible drivers and delivered into the hospital on a tight deadline feels rewarding. Also, if I do my part right and give everything I've got, it means a happier driver with less hassle on their routes. Happy drivers mean a happy Dynamic team - so that's my goal everyday and I enjoy doing it.

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