First implantation performed of JRI Orthopaedics’ ACE acetabular cup system

A team at Toledo’s Hospital de Parapléjicos have been the first to implant the innovative and highly anticipated ACE acetabular cup system from JRI Orthopaedics in a hip replacement patient. The ACE system has been developed by a team of esteemed surgeons, building on over 27 years of clinical expertise right here in the UK.

The system offers surgeons greater flexibility in dealing with more complex pathologies and comprises five different bearing options, including dual mobility. The new cup system is a part of JRI Orthopaedics’ flagship Furlong®️ HAC Total Hip Replacement System, and coated with hydroxyapatite ceramic - proven to improve biological fixation to host bone. Long term observation of patients receiving the Furlong System in a hip replacement has demonstrated good overall recovery rates.

Based in Sheffield in the north of England, JRI Orthopaedics were recently bought by China’s leading orthopaedic implant company, AK Medical, in a huge deal which is sure to see their innovation continue. They partner with commercial and academic establishments all over the world to continue their development. The company state “From the start, JRI has been committed to bringing the best people to deliver the best solutions in joint reconstruction, repair and regeneration.”

Humberto Campos, Head of International Business Development at JRI Orthopaedics says: “The ACE Acetabular system is a prime example of JRI’s continued commitment to enable medical professionals around the world to restore a good quality of life to their patients by providing them with high-performing options together with our clinically proven Evolution and Furlong HAC stems. This is a natural evolution, retaining all the best elements of the clinically proven CSF and CSF+, but taking the system to the next level to help surgeons address complex pathologies more effectively, thereby optimising patient outcomes.”

Campos added: “The development of the ACE® system is a real statement about JRI Orthopaedics’ increasing footprint in the global orthopaedic marketplace together with its expansion capabilities. It is also the latest example of JRI as an innovative, forward-thinking company, committed to working in partnership with surgeons around the world to design, develop and deliver implants and systems which optimise patient outcomes.”

As a company also operating out of the north of England, Dynamic Medical is extremely excited to note this first from a northern establishment, continuing to bring medical technology innovation to the global market.

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