Meet the Dynamic Team!

At Dynamic, we know, and appreciate, that our hard-working and dedicated team members are the key to our success and to the satisfaction of our customers. To give you an insight of what it’s like to be a #TeamDynamic driver, this month we spoke to Dave Kaye.

When did you join Dynamic? I became a #TeamDynamic driver in February, this year. 9 months has flown by!

What is your role? My role is a Hospital Logistics Specialist, which means that I am extremely knowledgeable when it comes to safely delivering and collecting important medical equipment in and out of UK hospitals.

What is your favourite thing about working at Dynamic? I love being on the road and I love the variety of places I get to travel to everyday. I have enjoyed getting to know the staff at the hospitals who I get to visit regularly, which in turn actually helps my day go a lot smoother as they are more willing to help me locate a kit if it isn’t where it is supposed to be.

What is your favourite song to listen to whilst driving? I love listening to Smooth radio whilst I am on the road, so anything which plays on that channel. However, my absolute favourite song to listen to is ‘The Show Must Go On’ by Queen. It is such an anthem to have playing in my van when I am on my way home after a long day!

If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what are the 3 things you’d want to have with you? I know exactly what I would want to have on me if I was to be stuck on a desert island: my iPad, a toothbrush, and a phone – so I could speak to my family and plan my escape off the island!

What do you enjoy doing out of work? I’m a massive motorsport fan. F1 is my absolute favourite and I try to go to at least 1 race a year. I am also a UFC fan and enjoy watching the competitions on TV – however I don’t think I could join in with them!

Think of 3 words to describe Dynamic?

The 3 words I would use to describe Dynamic are: efficient, reliable, and enthusiastic.

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We are the UK’s largest Medical Logistics Specialists. Whether you need 5 or 500 collections and deliveries per day; we can help you save money, and have peace of mind that with Dynamic you have a partner who understands and cares for all your needs.

If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your collection and delivery needs, you can contact us at or 0333 2000 664

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