Medical Service Specialists

Our experience over many years has led us to create our systems and processes to operate optimally when everything is going to plan, and to be responsive and dynamic when things don’t.


And that isn’t something that can be easily taught; it’s something that comes from having the right approach, attitude and mindset that recognises the positive impact of flexible and responsive.


Many of our Specialists have been with us for a long time and work as part of the wider Dynamic team that
together deliver results and peace of mind, day-in, day-out, as well as delivering the consignments safely and on time.
From their smart appearance, to their highly maintained vans, to their extensive and intuitive knowledge
of our clients and theirs, our Specialists help us stand apart from other couriers, and our clients tell us so.


Our unique induction, training and ongoing mentoring programme ensures a culture that delivers the Dynamic Difference.


As specialists, unlike conventional carriers, they know that being helpful and going the extra mile, communicating in real-time, or waiting those extra vital minutes can be the difference between success and failure.


Since our inception we have looked at every one of our clients’ needs as an opportunity to see how taking a different approach - a more innovative approach - might lead to a better service and bigger savings, whether it’s a one-off, urgent same day delivery, or a contract to deliver 500 high value assets every day.


Along the way we’ve helped our clients to change the way they think about and implement their medical logistics, providing a range of Dynamic Solutions from specialist vehicles, to embedded technology systems, to sterile services, to on-demand short notice deliveries, and more.


Our clients tell us that it’s our ability to understand their needs, and then competently and reliably work with them as a partner, that has delivered to them significant operational benefits and meaningful cost savings.


From the Managing Director, to the office bookings & support team, to the operations manager, to the Hospital Logistics Specialists who fulfil your Collections and Deliveries, we work as a dynamic team, responding, assessing, thinking on our feet (and behind the wheel), in every situation, because things often don’t go fully to plan.


From the first call from a client to book a delivery or collection, to the last contact with a driver to say the task is complete, our Medical Service Specialists deliver the best possible solution.


On the one hand, they’re sensitive to the needs of our customers, dealing with each consignment as a unique challenge and providing a versatile response and tailor-made plan.


On the other, they spend a great deal of time fostering relationships with hospital personnel. Having the names and numbers of individuals who we can be sure will take our call helps to minimise errors and eliminate confusion.


The rapport our team develop is what makes ours a seamless service – the one you can rely on.