Full Circle Service

Our experience over many years has led us to create our systems and processes to operate optimally when everything is going to plan, and to be responsive and dynamic when things don’t.


And that isn’t something that can be easily taught; it’s something that comes from having the right approach, attitude and mindset that recognises the positive impact of flexible and responsive.


Many of our Specialists have been with us for a long time and work as part of the wider Dynamic team that
together deliver results and peace of mind, day-in, day-out, as well as delivering the consignments safely and on time.
From their smart appearance, to their highly maintained vans, to their extensive and intuitive knowledge
of our clients and theirs, our Specialists help us stand apart from other couriers, and our clients tell us so.


Our unique induction, training and ongoing mentoring programme ensures a culture that delivers the Dynamic Difference.


As specialists, unlike conventional carriers, they know that being helpful and going the extra mile, communicating in real-time, or waiting those extra vital minutes can be the difference between success and failure.


Dynamic Medical Logistics provide a seamless logistical chain all the way from on-time delivery to post-op collection and return. Our friendly customer service team work together with hospitals the length and breadth of the UK. Our extensive contacts within hospitals gives us access to live information for our drivers to maximise efficiency and minimise errors and delays.

Dynamic’s Hospital Logistic Specialists are our trained and experienced drivers. Unlike conventional courier services our drivers will stay on site for 30 minutes where required. On an occasion where a problem has arisen our driver will contact the Medical Service Specialists at Dynamic Head Office who will then contract our partners to inform them and seek approval for a solution. Once a solution is approved the Dynamic driver will then be given approval to leave the site.

Our Hospital Logistic Specialists take great pride and responsibility in their roles, knowing that what they do can significantly impact scheduled and emergency operations which can be life-changing for patients.


For every delivery and collection, we speak to staff at the hospital in advance to verify precise locations within large hospital complexes, a prime tripping point for those inexperienced in the sector. When it comes to collections, versus conventional courier services our knowledge and implementation can be the difference between clients getting their items back first time or having to reschedule couriers several times. With no network of storage hubs and just one central warehouse, Dynamic return collections faster.


To meet the needs of the industry Dynamic is proud to also offer a quality same-day service.


Dynamic are alone in our sector in giving our drivers bespoke software on hand-held devices. It eliminates the uncertainties of the paper chain and provides detailed digital records - accurate and fool proof.


To get in touch with us and find out how Dynamic can help you, call 0333 2000 664 or contact us via our web form.